Department of Visual Media

After a considerable amount of effort, we finally got hold of the Department of Visual Media coordinator for Oasis, Tarun Kumar Vangani, who talked about the preparations for the fest by DVM, how they are helping clubs with the technical side of their work and also about the StuCCa’s efforts to make this Oasis unforgettable.
Tarun talked about his experience so far as the coordinator of DVM. Due to the fact that the number of days between BOSM and Oasis is lesser than DVM or any other department for that matter would’ve wanted, Tarun and his team have had to work tirelessly in the given amount of time. The fact that Mid-semester examinations also fell during this time did not help the cause. In addition to seeing that the department is working for Oasis, Tarun also had to make sure that the work left over from BOSM was taken care of as well.  The workload has been such that Tarun had to stop people from leaving for home for the holidays. One positive, however, which comes out of the situation is that the department is working much more efficiently because of the fact that they now have a flow continuing from BOSM.
Another new addition for this Oasis is a new software for meals for outstation participants. The current system is riddled with problems such as difficulty in keeping track of the meal coupons, which results in more coupons being allotted than required, hence ultimately resulting in food being wasted. This is being prevented by keeping track of each meal coupon as it is given out. This system also makes the cancellation of the coupons simpler than before.

Coming to the front-end side, DVM has created websites for the professional shows, Rocktaves, Joy of giving week by Nirmaan along with the main Oasis website. They have also created a common blog called the Oasis press for both the English Press Club and Hindi Press Club. The articles for both can be accessed from the website as well as the app.

The build-up for Oasis began very long ago, as is the case every year. The major contributor by far for this build-up is DVM with them creating a teaser for Oasis. They have also created a curtain raiser for Oasis which will be shown on the day of inauguration. They have also created promotional videos and an online ticket counter for the prof shows.
Another introduction which they want to make this year is that of an “Oasis store.” However, they are facing issues regarding the delivery of the merchandise as of now. Their  target crowd is the alumni of BITS, along with  the people who will be attending the fest.

Tarun then talked about the “intense” StuCCa meetings. The StuCCa had to steer through many obstacles this time around,the biggest of them being the budget. He emphasized specifically on the StuCCa’s effort to preserve the “culture” of the fest. “If we spend a lot of  money on the artists, we will have less money to give to the clubs.”, explained Tarun. Oasis, like BOSM and Apogee, is a fest completely run by students. Hours and hours of great effort from various departments and clubs go into making Oasis the majestic event it is, and the StuCCa seem to appreciate that. Tarun’s message for the Bitsians is that the StuCCa is giving their all to make Oasis great in every aspect despite all the constraints they face, contrary what people might think.
When asked if he had something to say to the  Bitsians, Tarun advised future club coordinators to  avoid coming to DVM at the eleventh hour for help. “DVM are completely packed with work right now. Hence it is very difficult to do even one more thing for any club.”, said Tarun, who also said that the had to draw the line in this respect even though he did not want to turn down any requests from any club. Tarun’s final message for the people on behalf of the Department of Visual Media was to report any bugs one may find on the Oasis website!


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